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Order CleanAIR ARES CA-83 welding hood

CleanAIR ARES CA-83 - probably the best welding hood in its category.

CleanAIR ARES CA-83 leather welding hood is a product suitable for professional welders who work in most demanding environments and conditions. For many of its parts CleanAIR ARES CA-83 is built by hand with best materials available. What it comes to quality or welders safety, there is no single compromise in this welding hood. The product has several innovative features making it both realiable and efficient in real situations. To ensure whether CleanAIR ARES CA-83 is suitable to you / to your employees, please familiarizes yourself with the product description or watch the product video


Order CleanAIR ARES-83 (credit card payments via PayPal)
Price 808,48€ ( 652.00 excluding VAT. )

Price includes taxes. Shipping 15€ will be added.

Order CleanAIR ARES-83 welding glass casette (credit card payments via PayPal)
Price 39.00€

Price includes taxes. Shipping 5€ will be added.

Spare parts

CleanAIR ARES CA-83 welding hoods spare parts:

Following spare parts listed are available via ONTWM by request. For prices and further information please contact us.

  • Head harness assembly
  • Welding cassette assembly
  • Adjusting strap

Things to remember

Orders outside European Union
Please get confirmation about safety requirements and regulatory issues from your local authorities and/or employer before you order the hood.