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Superior protection to professional welders with CleanAIR ARES CA-83 leather welding hood

ONTWM inc. is privately owned corporation located in Northern Finland. ONTWM is marketing and selling CleanAIR ARES CA-83 leather welding hood, likely the best welding hood in the world.

CleanAIR ARES CA-83 leather welding hood is a product suitable for professional welders who work in most demanding environments and conditions. For many of its parts CleanAIR ARES CA-83 is built by hand with best materials available. What it comes to quality or welders safety, there is no compromises in this welding hood. The product has several innovative features making it both realiable and efficient in real situations. To ensure whether CleanAIR ARES CA-83 is suitable to you / to your employees, please familiarizes yourself with the below product description.

Design highlights

safe welding hoodWelding hood without safety compromises

The hood is specially designed to provide protection against harmful gases, radiation and spatter during welding, flame cutting, grinding and comparable work. It is particularly well suited if the user is doing hard or sustained work, and if the pollutants have poor warning properties or are particularly toxic. The product is made of material which does not give rise to frictional sparks. As a proof of quality, CleanAIR ARES CA-83 has CE-certification.

innovative welding hoodInnovations for practical work

CleanAIR ARES CA-83 is designed for connection to a suitable source of breathable compressed air. The pressure in the hood prevents polluted ambient air from entering the hood. A compressed air supply hose approved for breathable air is connected to a control valve which is secured to the user's belt. The design of the hood makes it useful for work in confined or inaccessible areas with both hands.

quality welding hoodTailored design quality

CleanAIR ARES CA-83 is designed by a professional finnish welder Taisto Eisala. As CleanAIR ARES CA-83 is a welding hood from a welder to welders, you can be assured about the design quality and practical functionality in real working environments. Many parts of this welding hood are tailored and handbuilt with best materials to ensure the top quality. This is one of the hoods that has been approved in norwegian oil and gas industries.

New features

Updated package contentsUpdated package contents
Updated beltWider belt with reflector
Updated valveUpdated valve with whistler to warn welder if pressure drops below safe level

Key benefits

Learn the key benefits of CleanAIR ARES CA-83 welding hood:

  • Welding hood has easily removable helmet
  • Welding hood protects the whole front of the chest, abdomen and shoulders
  • Attention color and reflectors improve safety
  • Welding hood has changeable glass cartridge, the standard size of 60x110
  • Welding hood design makes it ideal for locations with a lot of welders
  • Welding hood suites ideally for tank- / aluminum welding
  • Protection against arc gouging is particulary good
  • Welding hood can also be attached to Air Conditioner System (Vortex, Vortec)
  • Welding Hood glass does not fog up in cold conditions (Vortex, Vortec)
  • It is easy to install automatically operated glass to the hood
  • Bright optical glasses are available for the hood
  • Welding hood protects against backlight, reflections and grinding dust

Things to remember


This welding hood is personal
Because of personal hygiency, CleanAIR ARES CA-83 leather welding hood is strictly meant to be used by a single person only.

This welding hood is designed to professional welders
CleanAIR ARES CA-83 is top quality welding hood which is meant for welding professionals who work in highly demanding conditions, where welders working safety is top priority.

This welding hood requires maintenance
The product package includes detailed maintenance instructions of cleaning and storaging. ONTWM provides spare parts for the product. Order today.

Orders outside European Union
Please get confirmation about safety requirements and regulatory issues from your local authorities and/or employer before you order the hood.

Technical specification

Air flow rate:
160 l/min to 280 l/min measured in the hood.
Manufacturer’s minimum design flow: 160 l/min.

The hood is made of leather.
The equipment has a shelf life of 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Made in one size. The head harness is adjustable and will fit most head sizes.

Sound level:
Recommended level in working environment below 80 dB(A).

Temperature range:
Storage temperature: from 0 °C to + 45 °C and a relative humidity below 80 %.
Service temperature: from 10 °C to + 60 °C and a relative humidity below 80 %.

Weight with helmet (without control valve): 1280 g.

Working pressure:
3 – 10 bar (300 – 1000 kPa) measured at the connection to the control valve.

Download full specification with maintenance and usage instructions (.pdf)


welding hood CE-certificateApproved by standard EN 175 and EN 12 941
Notified body for CE testing by EN 12941:

Occupational Safety Research Institute, v.v.i.
Jeruzalémská 9, 116 52 Prague, Czech republic
Autorized body 235, notified body 1024

CleanAIR ARES CA-83 welding leather hood product CE-certificate (.pdf)

CleanAIR ARES CA-83 - top quality welding leather hood to professional welders. Order yours today.

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